Sunday, 8 June 2014

Haircuts and Ice creams!

I had an afternoon off work last week and enjoyed the lovely novelty of collecting Oliver from school.  Being there to pick him up at home time is something I miss dearly from my maternity leave days, and as I usually take leave from work during the school holidays I rarely manage to do this at the moment. 

It was a glorious afternoon and the sunshine was tempting us towards the park, however we had a chore to attend to which we I had been putting off for weeks, possibly even months- haircuts! Not for me I should add (I wish I had the time right now) but for the boys! 
Oliver pre visit 
Zac pre hair cut! 
I'm terrible with hair full stop. My own, the boys,and now Freya's. I guess what I mean by terrible is that I simply have no idea when it comes to styles, cuts, colour, or maintenance. My own hair is very much a wild mess which I have learned to tame with the over use of my trusty hair straighteners or if I'm feeling lazy some curling "stuff"(the kind that turns frizzy straw into waves). I graduated from using a box of the lightest possible dye at the age of 15 (involving lots of tears/ impromptu trips to salon for colour correcting) to visiting the salon every 6-8 weeks. Now I have a full time job and three children to juggle I rarely have the time for a 3 hour appointment so I never go as much as I should. Even when I do manage to sort the colour out I don't have a clue about styles, in fact I usually just ask for the smallest possible trim! Unfortunately this lack of passion for my own hair has extended to include the children's! 

That said the boys have both had a real mix of hairstyles- short, long, spiky, side partings and fringes. However because I'm so indecisive about a style I just leave it be and the weeks pass on and the hair grows over their eyes... My Husband usually steps in at this point and takes them to the barbers without telling me and I arrive home to a shock! 

Oliver has always had long hair from being a baby until now. I think his first hair cut was simply a tiny trim to stop it growing over his eyes.Of course there have been times when he's wanted it short and we have obliged, after all it's his hair and I never want to dictate to him how he should wear it! But he usually ends up wishing it to grow again (much to my approval). His hair is thick,wavy and falls into a natural style which requires no maintenance aside from a quick comb after washing! So easy for those busy mornings. 

Oliver's first Hair Cut! 
Then it grew and grew...
Zac on the other hand has very fine straight hair which is growing incredibly slowly. He desperately wants it to grow as long as Oliver's, but because its straight it doesn't quite look the same. Zac had his hair cut very short last summer (too short in my opinion!), and once it had grown slightly he liked to have it "spiky" using hair wax. But he soon got fed up of his hair being styled each morning and I got fed up of chasing him around the bathroom with a comb so we just decided to let it grow...
Zac with a shorter style 
 This time Oliver initially wanted his hair "extra short" but then changed his mind and wanted just a trim, then changed his mind back again, and so forth. Zac was a bit more decisive and was adamant that he didn't want a hair cut at all! With this in mind and my lack of enthusiasm for hair it did take a while for us to finally set foot through the doors of a barber shop! 

So with an afternoon sans work and the boys both is good spirits we found a barbers (on the advice of Oliver who insisted this is where he went with daddy). Luckily they both got attended to straight away meaning I didn't really have time to think about a style and simply asked for a trim each. Zac's was done first in less than 10 minutes but Oliver's took a lot longer as there was a fair bit more to cut!

With the boys extremely pleased and proud of their new hair and mama proud of their braveness (I had visions of them screaming the place down as per the memories of my brother at that age), they indulged in a much needed birthday cake flavoured ice cream -yummy! 
I was impressed with my first attempt of taking the boys for hair cuts, despite daddy insisting that I should have let him take them! In hindsight I probably should have asked for a little more to be cut off both. The cuts cost just under £20, although I've got no idea if this is a good price or not!? I've decided to try taking them to the salon I go to next time.
As for Freya's hair- I am hoping this won't require cutting for a little while yet! 

What do you think of their new hair cuts? Do your children like visiting the hairdressers? 

Anneka x

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