Thursday, 15 May 2014

Our Visitor for the Week

This morning it was time to say goodbye to a little visitor who has been staying with us for the past week- Mr Bear! 
Mr Bear is the resident teddy bear at Zac's nursery and enjoys a stay at a different child's home each week. This week it was our turn to play hosts! 
Last morning cuddle! 
Zac seemed beyond excited when I arrived home from work last week and proudly announced that Mr Bear had come to stay. Now this was not the first time we had hosted Mr Bear at our house, about 3 years earlier the very same bear was brought home by Oliver! Once again Mr Bear arrived with his own little book documenting his previous stays, which made for great bedtime reading! 
Mr Bear's last visit in 2010
Zac (with help from Oliver) has been taking the bear out and about with him for the past week! They have enjoyed outings to the park, shops, and daily school runs! Mr Bear even came prepared with his very own suitcase full of clothes, from which Zac has enjoyed picking out various outfits for him to wear each morning, and changing him into his pjs and slippers at night! 
Wakey wakey!
 Zac has even let Mr Bear have pride of place alongside his other favourite teddies on his bed! In fact the Gruffalo (much to Freya's delight!) has been relegated to the communal toy box! 

I think this is such a lovely concept, as Zac really took pride in looking after Mr Bear for a week and felt a great responsibility to show him a great time at our house! 
This morning however it was time for one last cuddle before noting all the adventures in Mr Bear's very own diary. Then it was off to nursery to pass him onto another family for his next stay! Come back and visit again soon! 

Have you had any little visitors recently? 

Anneka x

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  1. Hi loving your blog recently :) I have nominated you for a Liebster Award.. check out my blog post about it for all the info :) :) xx

  2. Thank you :-) will check it out now xx

  3. How brilliant! My two brought home Humpty a couple of weeks back, their Pre-School's equivalent of the 'class bear.' Such a great thing for them to get involved with :)