Thursday, 8 May 2014

A Tooth! A Tooth! At Last!

Just a quick post to share my absolute joy at Freya's first tooth appearing! At almost 15 months old and toothless we were starting to worry that maybe something was wrong. I know that the advice states that although unusual, late teething is perfectly fine, this didn't stop me worrying! It's time to replace her Sophie la Girafe...(for the third time-yes two have been thrown out of the pushchair!) Let the teething commence! 
"what's this mama?"
Oliver had his first tooth just after 6 months, but Zac (like myself-so I'm told!) grew his first one at a little over a year old. Luckily we had never experienced a disturbed night due to teething....until now! 
Grumpy baby the last few days!
Over the past few weeks Freya had shown all the classic signs of teeth on the horizon- red cheeks, upset tummy, hands in mouth and I was eagerly awaiting the appearance of those little white tips poking through the gum. Last night Freya awoke a few times- which was unusual! I had noticed what looked like something coming through a couple of days ago and was elated tonight when I could feel the ragged edge of a tooth which had now broken through the gum! 

Wohoo a Tooth!
It's so funny as we say to Freya "Where's your tooth" and she points to it! How cute. 
I can promise you that teeth do not usually excite me to this degree but I am just so relieved! Here's hoping the rest come through soon.... 

Where any of you or your children late teethers? 

Anneka x 


  1. Aw that's good news, hope she isn't too disturbed by it xx

  2. my three all began around the 6 month mark. What gorgeous hair she has - my son is around the same age and has barely enough hair to cover his scalp lol

    1. Aw thanks :-) lol my youngest don didn't really grow hair until he was well over a year! Even now it doesn't grow much- amazing how they are do different!x