Monday, 12 May 2014

A Sunday Outing

After writing off the first part of our weekend due to illness, I was determined to enjoy the remainder even if I wasn't feeling on top form! We had decided to go the Festival of Transport in North Hampshire,and although the weather forecast did not make for great reading we decided to set off, with the boys hoping to come across their dream car- Mr Bean's Mini! 
The Festival of Transport was a huge display of classic, vintage cars and commercial vehicles. I have to admit this would not usually interest me in the slightest but having two boys who are crazy about all forms of transport means I'd be "crazy" to have missed it! 
Not quite a Mini? 
Oliver and Zac quickly made a beeline for their favourite Mini cars! They have their own vast collection of Minis in various colours, and models but were keen to find the real life versions! Especially a green one as driven by Mr Bean which unfortunately couldn't be found.
The boys and their "best car ever!" 
Freya didn't seem highly interested in the cars (like mama!) but was perfectly happy once set free from the constraints of the pushchair! She walked around for quite a while and could only be persuaded back into the pushchair upon the promise of lunch! After which Oliver kindly treated Freya to a lick of his ice cream! I'm pleased to report that surprisingly (and luckily!) this didn't end up all over her coat! 
Freya loving the freedom to run! 


The best part for the boys was the open access to the top deck of a vintage London Bus! They also loved getting up close to the large lorries and seeing the equipment on the fire engines. The boys were a bit disappointed that they couldn't "ride" in any of the cars! I can remember feeing exactly the same as a child, as there's only so much fun observing can bring! 
Look how high we are! 
We had a lovely couple of hours and managed to get home before the rain! The event is run each year by the Thornycroft Society and admission was free. I would recommend it-especially if your children are car crazy like my boys!  
As you can see from the photos below Freya was worn out! 
Fast asleep as soon as we got home! 
I hope you had a lovely Sunday! Do let me know what you did? 



  1. Aww, these are adorable! I'm not overly interested in cars too, but the mini and the buses are cool! Looks like the boys had a fab time!

    Corinne x

  2. Thanks :-) Yeah the buses were the best part! x